Bearables banner. Sewable. Hackable. Wearable. Adorable.

We're very excited to announce a new range of wearable electronics today - Bearables!

Bearables is a range of woodland-themed wearable LED badges and sensors. Wear the badges on their own, or connect them to one of the sensors with conductive thread to bring them to life. Designed for kids and grown-up kids alike!

Sewable. Hackable. Wearable. Adorable.

Bearables kits banner

We've tried to do a couple of important things with Bearables.

First, we've designed them so that you can wear the badges by themselves and increase your kawaii to 9,000.

Bearables badges are powered by a little coin cell battery (CR2032), and should run for 3-4 days continuously. They have 12 coloured LEDs that flash in 12 different light patterns. There's just one multifunctional button that changes the pattern, puts your badge to sleep or wakes it from sleep, and enables trigger mode (more on that later). You can use a safety pin, a small disc magnet, a piece of double-sided sticky tape, or of course thread, to attach your Bearables badge to your coat, bag, or whatever you wish.

Bearables bear illuminated

Second, we've designed super-simple sensors that you can connect to your Bearables badge with conductive thread to bring them to life and add interactivity.

On the back of the Bearables badges and sensors are two metal hooks to which you can attach conductive thread. They're nifty too, because you can't connect them the wrong way round (just make sure that the two pieces of thread don't touch)! When a sensor is connected, press and hold the button to put your badge in trigger mode, then when the sensor is triggered your badge's LEDs will light up.

The Bearables range

Today, we're launching two badges - the fox and the bear, and two sensors - a flower light sensor and an acorn motion sensor. The badges come with a CR2032 coin cell battery, and both the badges and sensors include a sheet of stickers. The badges retail for just £6 (inc. VAT), and the sensors for £3 (inc. VAT).

Bearables fox and bear badges

In a few weeks, we'll be launching Bearables fox and bear kits. Each kit comes with the badge, a sensor, 3m of conductive thread, three needles, a battery, two sheets of stickers, and instructions. The kits will cost £12.50 (inc. VAT) each.

Bearables kits

We hope you <3 Bearables as much as we do...