Hello my name is Amber, I go to school in Sheffield and I am currently doing my last few weeks of year 10 at school. This time next year I will have finished my GCSEs and already the school are asking us to learn about the working world. I am currently studying Art, Photography, French and Geography along with the other curriculum required subjects. The school has asked us to choose a place of work to do a two week placement and learn about the working environment and to see what can be offered outside and after school. When I leave school I don't know exactly what I want to do but my main interests are photography, product design and anything that involves creativity and/or travel. So, I have chosen Pimoroni for my two weeks of work experience.

Who is in the building?

Why I chose Pimoroni

First off I naturally went with my main interests, photography and media, however because that was very specific I found it hard to find myself somewhere to work in Sheffield. This is why Pimoroni stood out as a good option, it offered some design work and media aspects with marketing and basic production too. Having a large range of things happening in one working environment meant I could and will learn a lot. I wanted to learn something after my two weeks of work experience, I wanted something interesting.

After my first day

Walking into the building a got a warm welcome from the bubbly, friendly staff. To be honest I never really knew what to expect but after one day I am very excited to continue over the next two weeks.

At the end of my two weeks I would hope that I have gained a wider understanding of the options available after school. As the main point of work experience is to learn about the working environment, I am looking forward to doing whatever there is lined up for me.
Overall , I think Pimoroni will offer me a lot of experience that is unique and thankfully different from school!

![Learning how to use the laser cutters was the best!] (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/C2pOeiOn16spo1gXK0n_xKyNEpVtQKh9hDvGDozkpyx85RtB5WOOcJh5hnONV0JsQQyOXmRRkKFnCqokPqsy-ikqxMfWp2WdInDjyewFW5drpWzaIsehua-_xzGJE_G4cjHJXqaK707pCbP4hu1gqX_tBa9rgPJUvUw0hX5kBNNgBJJDOx3hfe2aTZhZjXoELT4MekXfsP9j6rOynyxkNfayxjXJKoQwfh475Sn2wNGp_iVOXFqd5hn2oLK_RbulStC-Kxpyc_7usX3QAfaxoPF0N1-6MePAryNVGS_skNMwRRgcO1MBEhAJQvq_CfjQ_rYK3mQ3xa44imHp2tcRPyA4bowvb6Vv3nyD9zp-Z85wXd8KRTF1cJHYohBer-iYmZSBmuuGB6dXYkWPIblcWfCmAbIDngDV1mOZbFPXKvCX8OksmZgEZChIkdP2TuUDxU8heSIdzX6vNzjpeaWPBp3xLwBZJffIovW3Y3_chOLJAoPQs8MgwpcPVjNM5amUGSIN6XRwQYKAQBlpejawdEKssgxjUYuEPjGF7vqFRmKK5TH03sxK0rdmvE-F1-NWJEZOxp1vSBcLyPTeTaJDlntdQOtCUbPtI_4TuGM7mpDeoxO_n9N8=w2145-h1248-no)

After two weeks.

Two weeks goes EXTREMELY quick, and I have done so much. I have learnt a lot about market research and how the base of the company is strongly supported by the people, not just making the products but, curating, designing and advertising the products too!
Later on in the week I discovered a whole new side of the working world. When you tell someone (of my age) that you will be doing work experience their instant thoughts would be of a desk job. However, I learnt how to use laser cutters, solder screen printers, pick and place machines and a Raspberry Pi. Over the two weeks I was thoroughly shown how the process of Pimoroni goes through stages; research, planning, designing, making, testing and packing. And over the course of two weeks I did ALL of it!

Pimoroni was a very enjoyable workplace, it was not what I expected but I think that was a good thing.

Significantly, my view of the working world has grown and expanded, I have a wider idea of the opportunities that are after school, and how it all can be extremely interesting. After working here, for two weeks, I would definitely consider working somewhere like this in the future!

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