For our fifth birthday celebrations that are running through this week, we had a bit of fun putting together a papercraft pirate party to use as the backdrop for photographing six of our favourite products from the past five years. We decided we'd share the designs and let you build your own pirate party too!

Speaker pHAT

Last week, completely off-the-cuff, I mentioned to Lydia, our Head of Design, that it would be fun to set up a miniature party, and within a couple of hours she had done it! A party table resplendent with three-tier birthday cake, candles, tiny sandwiches, snacks, bottles of grog, presents, bunting, and balloons!

We dressed the products up with faces, and pirate hats, lit the scene with some cheap IKEA lights and coloured cellophane to give it a dreamy, candy floss, party feel, and I snapped a bunch of photos. I love the way they turned out. :-) We even used the papercraft party for the opening of last week's Bilge Tank.


Recently, we've been trying to put extra effort into making our mailing list emails, website landing page, and other digital chunterings look more polished and friendly, moving away from the product shots on plain white backgrounds that we used to use. Paul, Jon, Niko, Phil, and rest of the engineering team do such an amazing job of making beautiful products, and they deserve to be shown off!

Fifth birthday banner

Make sure to check out the promotion - 20% off Pimoroni-made products when you enter discount code FIVE during checkout - that runs through to Sunday 6th August.

And without further ado, here's a link to the GitHub repo where you can download a PDF of the papercraft pirate party! YARR!!