Well, we couldn't contain ourselves. We always theme our promotions, and this one is inspiring us all. We're not really a bunch of sugar-skull obsessed ex-goths. Honest.

Of course, when you're researching imagery for graphics and whatnot, you come across some real inspiration sometimes. This BBC article had me doing the coo-eyes at a headdress in the very last photo. Skulls! Flowers! (most exciting of all) LEDs!

A quick hop on the internet and some red roses and plastic skulls were ordered, LEDs dug out from boxes marked "good junk", and glittery card liberated from Sandy's photography backdrop stash. A dig in the recycling bins for that well known modelling material, cardboard, a rummage through the kitchen for BBQ skewers, and we were all set. Almost.

Something was missing, and when you need wooden shapes, there are Picade offcuts, and a laser to hand, you do what a girl's gotta do and laser-cut your own embellishments.

Put it all together and... ta da!

(videos to follow)

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