The Sale

We’re having our annual birthday sale (We've been around ELEVEN years!!11!!). We’re calling it the PLUNDERED! sale for various piratical reasons.

You can find all the deals on the shop with a highlight each day and our last chance saloon for clearance items.

The IRL Plundering

The not-so-fun reason is, after 11 years of mostly smooth sailing and navigating the stormy waters of leaving the EU, disease, currency fluctuations, an energy crisis and the world generally being on fire, we had the bad luck to run into some real piracy as thieves took a bunch of stuff from Pirate Towers.

Mostly empty pallets and shelves with some disarray and open boxes from thievery.
One of the many places where stuff should be, but isn't.

Our Sheffield warehouse was plundered in the dead of night, and the thieves made off with a good haul of stuff. While we’ll be circumspect about the details, we can say they were pretty professional how they went about getting in and used some basic but effective ninja skills to exfiltrate the wares.

Metal green fencing, surrounded by greenery, has some of it spars cut to make an entrance and exit hole about the size of a crouched person.
The fence doesn't normally have that gap in it.

Once the alarms tripped, the police were on-scene within minutes, but the tea-leaves had vanished into the night. While we've mostly tidied up from the ordeal, it's a bunch of stress and extra things to do that no one needs. I think that's the feel of the last few years for most people though!


Why share this? If there's one thing we expect our customers, makers, crew and other malcontents to be good at, it's spotting something out of place.

If you run into a good bulk deal on our heatsink cases, or the primo official Raspberry Pi gear like cameras and power supplies as you rummage through car boot sales or the less, erm, formal online marketplaces in the UK, you can give us a word to the wise on

Thanks everyone for supporting us so well through the years, and we hope to keep doing what we do, in pirate style, for many years to come. Stay breezy!

-  The Pirate Crew