Live from the Bilge Tank #bilgetank

We love talking and twitter, sharing what we're doing and just being our dumb selves mainly. We think a lot of you might be wondering who Pimoroni really are though.

It's also high time we did more videos and learning stuff to help people get started with electronics the friendly way.

So, in true 2 birds 1 cup 1 stone style, we've built ourselves a little ship/studio, and we're going to start live-streaming weekly as...

  1. It doesn't require lots of video editing.
  2. We can keep being our dumb selves.

The Bilge Tank

We'll be in the studio, talking about stuff we do, and showing off Maker gear, and you can chat to us live (give or take 30 seconds) on YouTube or Twitter, and we'll respond to your questions.

It's all pretty new to us and live, so expect rough edges, technical probems, mess-ups and forgetful swears.

When is it?

The Bilge Tank will broadcast at 3pm GMT every Tuesday.

Visit our YouTube channel to view the stream

Want to be involved?

We'd love you to ask questions, or link us cool stuff to talk about. You can tweet us with the hashtag #bilgetank either during the show or when we're off air.